Code 0908/MIX-CASE- 11 Pouch Packs of each Rainbow, Hearts and Dummies (Case of 33x10x280g) …

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Product Code 0908/MIX-CASE – A Special offer for all our wholesalers and sweet shop customers. Perhaps try our new pouch packed lollipop range these are available to order in a bulk case packing, they come case packed in 11×3x10 pouches and 6×3x20 buying in bulk offers excellent value for money from only £105.60 including vat, £3.20 per pack and with free delivery what’s not to like! They come ready prepared with a Euro Slot for easier display and hanging options with your displayed or counter areas, each case is stuffed with only vintage Natural Fruit Flavoured lollipops either Rainbow and Heart Lollies or Candy Dummies, although it won’t stay like that for long – these irresistible fruit flavoured pops fly off the shelves! Also available is a mixed case which containing 11 pouches of each style Rainbow, Hearts and Dummies vintage candy.