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We also offer a wholesale service for suitable Wholesalers, Internet Retailers, and Sales Representatives.

If you are interested in buying at least a minumum half or full pallet *wholesale ordering, please forward the following details to us via email and a member of the team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Name
Company Name
Telephone Number
Email Address
Are you based in the UK, Ireland, Europen.
Type Of Business

*Please note minimum order values apply to be classed as a trade/wholesale customer buying half or full pallet ordering only.

We specialising in the making of drumline lollipops in over 20 differing flavours and colour styles, in sizes from 2" drumline lollies upto 6" giant lollipops.

We can offer great reductions on pricing for Full or Half pallet ordering ensuring you are able to generate the margins you need to have a successful business.

We are currently looking for expansion thought either sales representatives, retailers, trading companies, wholesalers and internet retailers in spreading our products thoughtout the UK and Europe.

If you are interested in working with our company, please feel free to contact us for disruption details at sales@candyswirls.co.uk

Full Pallet Ordering - Minimum order of 252 Drums - Half Pallet Ordering - Minimum order of 168 Drums

For more information about Candy Swirls UK Ltd, please visit our website: www.candyswirls.co.uk

Once your account request has been authorised you will receive an e-mail from us stating that your wholesale account with Candy Swirls UK Ltd is now active and you can then place your order with us.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Example of Half Pallet Coniguration
Half Pallet Ordering
7L x 4H = 28 Cases x (6 x 50 Per Case) = 168 Drums Per Half Pallet
Standard Lead-Time 
1 to 2 Weeks
Deliver costs from  
All Prices are Excluding VAT 
Available via a mixed Pallet 
Yes accross the full range of lollipops
Example of Full Pallet Coniguration
Full Pallet Ordering
7L x 6H = 42 Cases (6 x 50 Per Cases) = 252 Drums Per Full Pallet
Standard Lead-Time
1 to 2 Weeks
Delivery costs from
All Prices are excluding VAT 
Available via a mixed Pallet
Yes accross the full range of lollipops
Contact Us
Alternatively if you would prefer to phone us... then please call 01253 595123 for further deatils.