Code 0732/6 - Rainbow Large Swirly Lollipops 4.5ins

Wed, 12 Aug 2009

Rainbow Large Swirly Lollipops 4.5ins

Code 0732/6 - Rainbow Large Swirly Lollipops 4.5ins

Product Code 0732/6 Rainbow Lollipops 4.5ins Big Swirly Lollipops come in a box pack of 24 swirly lollipops, traditional old fashioned hard candy lollies with differing fruit flavouring. Our top selling lollipop are jaw-dropping value. Each box is stuffed with mixed fruit flavoured candy flavouring ‘Supa Sucka’s although it won’t stay like that for long – these irresistible fruit flavoured pops fly off the shelves! Available in four sizes 2.5”, 3”, 4.5" and 6” - these lollipops are brightly coloured with at least 6 colours strips, lovely fruity taste, keep them all to yourself, share them or will great in party bags these range in size from 85g to 200g lollipops are sure to please! Their eye-catching shine and playful colors are fun for kids of all ages!

Lollipop Specifications:
Net Weight: Approximate 180g to 185g
Diameter: 4.5” Inches or 114mm
Total Length: 11 Inches or 280mm
Unit Price = £1.10p each Box £26.40 excluding VAT
Details: Rainbow Lollipops on a wooden stick

Box contains 24 cellophane-wrapped lollipops, each with a net weight of 180g – 185g Handmade in the UK by Fun Kandy - Candy Swirls UK Ltd.
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose-syrup. Acidifier: citric acid, mixed flavouring. Colourings E102, E124, E133

Multi buy discounts available on ordering!
£100 - £199 5% Discount on ordering
£200 - £299 7% Discount on ordering
£300 - £500 10% Discount on ordering

Further discounts are available for half and full pallet loads call 01253 595123 or email for pricing details.

Shipping Weight ~ 4.3kg.