Code 0752 - Brits Pops

Sat, 17 Mar 2012

Diamond Jubilee and also the arrival of the Olympic Games

Code 0752 - Brits Pop Lollipops

NEW! Product Code 0752 - Our hugely popular swirly lollipop lines just got bigger! Fun Kandy’s have added a new lollipop to mark both of this year's huge celebrations, the Diamond Jubilee and also the arrival of the Olympic Games in Britain, which both take place in 2012 - The Diamond Jubilee celebrations will centre around an extended weekend 2nd-5th June and the Olympic Games over a 16 day period in July and August there’s really no better way than to celebrate both of these fantastic events than chewing on one of our lovely 2" swirly lollipops in Red, White and Blue Lollipops these great tasting lollipops are brought to you by Fun Kandy’s - Candy Swirls UK Ltd

Lollipop Specifications:
Net Weight: Approximately 28g
Diameter: 2 Inches or 55mm
Total Length: 6 Inches or 150mm
Unit Price = 24p each excluding VAT/Lollipop

Drum contains 50 cellophane-wrapped lollipops, each with a net weight of 28g.
Handmade in the UK by Fun Kandy - Candy Swirls UK Ltd.
Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose-syrup, Fruit flavouring. Colourings E102, E124, E133

Multi buy discounts available on ordering!
£100 - £199 5% Discount on ordering
£200 - £299 7% Discount on ordering
£300 - £500 10% Discount on ordering

Further discounts are available for half and full pallet loads call 01253 595123 or email for pricing details.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.2k